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Montana Lowdown

Montana Free Press founder and editor John S. Adams interviews newsmakers on the hottest topics and issues in American's Last Best Place. 

Mar 12, 2019

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock remained noncommittal about his presidential aspirations, but continued to express interest in potentially joining the ever-growing list of 2020 Democratic hopefuls. Bullock said for the time being he has more pressing priorities to address before he makes a decision.  

Bullock, who is more than halfway through his second and final term as governor, said that before he decides whether to run for the nation’s highest office, he first wants to finish working with lawmakers in the Republican-controlled Legislature to renew Medicaid expansion, fund infrastructure projects, and increase funding for preschool and higher education.

“I've been both traveling and talking about Montana and listening, but I’ve also said that the Legislature, doing the work here, comes first,” Bullock said. “For me right now, that's as far as it goes."